The Pawnshop on Ardee St

In 1911, No. 4 was a Pawn Office, occupied by 30 year old John Andrews. The building had (and has) thirteen windows to the front (including two basement). The other residents were boarders; three pawnbroker’s assistants and a house keeper—46 year old widow Kate Hayden.

In the previous century, the house was occupied by James Haigh, millwright and machine-maker. One of Haigh’s apprentices was William Spence, who went on to establish a similar business at Cork St with his brothers. More on him is available at the Dictionary of Irish Architects. The house is now integrated into a new apartment complex to the right in the photograph.



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  • Philip Doherty (1994) The Last Pawnshops of Dublin City, Dublin Historical Record, 47(1), pp. 87-94.

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