A New Tower on Dawson St

Tower Records 7 Dawson StTower Records are moving from their former location on Wicklow St to the old Waterstones bookshop at 7 Dawson St. Dawson St was laid out over marshy ground in 1705 by Joshua Dawson, one of Ireland’s Secretaries of State, and, apparently, a property developer to boot. The first owner of No. 7 was probably the fantastically named Sir Standish Hartstrong, from whom the 5th Earl of Antrim purchased the property in 1734. The Earl married thrice, his second wife bearing him an heir, the 1st (and only) Marquis of Antrim, Randall Mac Donnell. Randall died aged just 41 at his house, the grandest on Merrion Square (Antrim House). The site of that house is now the location of Holles St hospital.

Sometime afterwards, No. 7 Dawson St changed hands again, and ended up as a sales or showroom for the ironmongery of Robert G. Gatchell, and remained thus well into the twentieth century, when it was listed as Maguire and Gatchell showrooms. The Maguire of the duo might have come from three doors up; Dublin City Library have a fantastic image of a cross section of No. 10, housing the warerooms, workshops and factory of Maguire and Sons.

Good look to the new Tower.


Click to link Dublin City Library archive


Campion, M (1962) Dawson Street and the Dawson Family, Dublin Historical Record, 17(2), 62-73.

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