A shop on Castle St

This gorgeous receipt from Sept 1845 is one of many among the Powerscourt Papers at the National Library of Ireland. The archive contains lots of receipts with details of shops long gone in Dublin. I especially like this one because not only does it include the quite typical business logo, but it also includes a picture of what the front of the shop looked like. We can see that this one is for Morrisons, No. 42 Castle St, which was a Hat Warehouse. The receipt text proclaims that Morrisons is a Waterproof Beaver & Silk Hat Warehouse, with a great variety of beaver bonnets, children’s hats, caps, etc. Under the drawing of the shop, there is a very polite statement: “No credit given”.

Receipt for Morrisons of Castle St ((C) National Library of Ireland)

Part of a receipt for Morrisons’ of Castle St (© National Library of Ireland)

The only remaining original house on Castle St is No. 4, which Dublin Civic Trust have restored to its original glory as a Merchant’s Townhouse, and the Trust website gives some more information about Castle Street. Hugh Morrison and Sons themselves mustn’t have lasted much longer; a street listing in 1862 states that No. 42 was occupied by Michael Walsh, and was a provision warehouse for hide, feather, and wool merchants. But bravo to the Morrisons for leaving the legacy of this gorgeous receipt.


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