Looking at Dublin Streets and some of the stories behind them. Interested in maps, planning and stories of people who lived on them, primarily 18th/19th century.

My main interests are Wicklow Education History and Enniskerry History, so this is an urban diversion.

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    • Dear Esther,
      Many thanks – that is kind of you. There’s no shortage of topics to write about, so hopefully it will keep going for a while yet!
      Thanks again for your support,

  1. Michael,

    This is fantastic – I thought I’m the only one who always wonders what happened on that street 100 years ago? who lived there? what were their lives like? what did the feel? I almost want to touch the brick wall and wait for it to take me back in time. I only discovered your blog today and will remain a huge fan forever. Fantastic work – truly amazing 🙂

    • Hi Kate,
      Thanks very much – that is nice to hear. Yes I do often wonder what went before… there are so many quiet areas of the city that must have been full of hustle and bustle in the past. Glad you are enjoying it and that it is of interest.
      All the best and thank you again,

  2. Michael – great article on Cork Hill, thanks. I’m writing on the D’Olier family at the moment and found it very helpful to find your mention of how they were impacted by the creation of Parliament Street. You mention a Survey of the present streets leading to his Majesty’s Royal Palace or Castle of Dublin, Novr 9th, 1751 – can you tell me the source of that or where you came across it?

  3. Just wondering do that place makes barrels, if yes then I am looking for a records that the people makes barrels there. The name of the person is Thomas Parker and also his son Walter and they lived 19 Lord Edward Street.
    Please help.

  4. Hello Michael,
    I would like to use some of your images on profiles I am creating on WikiTree family tree website. In particular I am doing work on a family who lived in Charlotte Street (now gone!!). Is it possible to use your images, with acknowledgement of the source?
    Thank you,

    • Dear Fionnuala,
      Yes please do feel free to use anything that is helpful. Of course some images are not mine – I try to attrribute/click through/mention the source but anything in terms of photos etc that are mine – please go ahead! Good luck with the WikiTree!

      • Thanks! Your articles are really interesting reading by-the-way! It’s a great resource for Dublin history!

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