Table of Contents

53. The Welsh Chapel on Talbot St  

52. Dublin’s Cow Pock Institution

51. A postcard from Dublin Street

50. Nighttown: Dublin’s Monto

49. The end of the line

48. In Nicholas’ Shadow

47. The First Baronets

46. Last Post on James’ St

45. In the fields off James’ St

44. A little Off

43. Samuel Whyte’s School on Grafton St

42. The Luxembourg School at Aldborough House

41. The Kevin St. Medley: 5. The Choir School

40. Iveagh Market Buildings

39. The Main Street of Dublin

38. A house on Cork Hill

37. Was Plunket St now John Dillon St

36. A new building on Sackville St, 1886

35. Temperance on Townsend St

34. Ghost Light – Old Dublin Signs

33. The Kevin St. Medley: 4. Church Lane

32. Keep to the left

31. Going to School (Street)

30. The Kevin St Medley: 3. The Moravian Meeting House

29. Glib Market, Thomas St

28. Capel St Brotherhood

27. Cork St Fever Hospital

26. Friends on Strand St

25. Coburg Gardens now Iveagh Gardens

24. Rocque’s Plan of the City 1756 and 1757 now online

23. Experimental Justice on Grangegorman Lane

22. The Coombe Hospital Portico

21. The Kevin St Medley: 2. The College of Technology

20. Reginald Street, The Coombe

19. Book Lovers at Kevin St Library, 1918

18. Protestant Row

17. An education at Kildare Place

16. The Kevin Street Medley: 1. St Sepulchre’s Palace

15. A shop on Castle St

14. The Way that I Went

13. A Long Lane

12. A New Tower on Dawson St

11. Music at Mornington House

10. Artichoke Road, then Wentworth Place, now Hogan Place

9. The Aungier House

8. The Post Box at Castle Gate

7. The Pawnshop on Ardee St

6. Crooked Staff now Ardee Street

5. Was it St Kevin’s Abode, now Camden St?

4. Charlotte Street now gone

3. Cross Lane now Golden Lane

2. Hume Row and Smith’s Buildings now Ely Place

1. Pitt Street now Balfe Street

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